COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

To support the New Zealand grocery industry in these difficult times and to help ensure that all merchandisers receive an essential on-site health and safety induction with the FGC Safe In Store Pass (SISP), we are introducing the following changes from March 25 for a limited time:

  • To help streamline SISP coverage over this period and minimise disruptions that may be caused by breakdowns in the courier system, we will temporarily replace printed passes with online-only versions (using our app) or print-yourself temporary certificates, which are now valid for an extended minimum time frame of nine months.
  • Our support team will still be available to answer emails, process orders and assist via phone as usual. If you need help, please email or call 09 970 3270 and we will do our best to help.

Thanks to all those who are on the front line ensuring there is food on the shelves. Please stay safe and look after yourself, your loved ones and your community. Kia haumaru.

Welcome to Safe In Store Pass

If you are a supplier representative working in a retail store, you will need to complete and have an up to date ‘Safe In Store Pass’, and if applicable have it ‘Food Handling’ approved. These courses are designed to make you aware of your responsibilities while in store, and enable all parties to work together to create a safe workplace.

Course Description Cost
Store Induction This is the standard course required for everyone working in store. $63 + GST
Store Induction and Food Handling When promoting food items, a Food Handling pass is required as well. $100 + GST
Food Handling Upgrade If you have already done the Store Induction but are moving into food demonstrating, an upgrade can be purchased, if your Store Induction Pass is not due to expire within 1 year. $45 + GST
Course Renewal A Safe In Store Pass is valid for two years. Once it has expired, a renewal course needs to be purchased and reset. Same prices as above