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About the FGC - the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council

The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council (FGC) represents the manufacturers and suppliers behind New Zealand’s favourite food, beverage and grocery brands. Not only does it act as a forum to discuss and pursue issues of concern and interest to the industry, but it is also a powerful lobby group.

The businesses represented, which include some of our biggest companies, and largest exporters, make up the FMCG industry, a major contributor to the New Zealand economy. The products they supply, all household names, fall into the dynamic category known as Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

About Intuto

Intuto is an Auckland-based leading e-learning training and support company. Its primary intent from the outset has been to efficiently deliver high quality, effective education and training to large numbers of people. To achieve its goals the company has developed technical, marketing and pedagogical skills enabling it to take any learning content, enrich and then deliver it. Intuto's customers include commercial and corporate entities who recognize the importance of lifelong learning in order to keep an increasingly mobile workforce motivated, current, up skilled and able to communicate effectively in the workplace.