Delivery Delays

Due to significant weather events around New Zealand at present, our courier is experiencing some delivery delays. They have advised to expect delays of up to 10 working days after dispatch for deliveries.

In the meantime, don't forget that stores will accept your temporary pass for up to 1 month while you are waiting on the delivery of the pass. Find out more about the temporary pass.

About the FGC – The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council

If you are a supplier representative working in a retail store, you will need to complete and have an up to date ‘Safe In Store Pass’, and if applicable have it ‘Food Handling’ approved. These courses are designed to make you aware of your responsibilities while in store, and enable all parties to work together to create a safe workplace.

About Intuto

Intuto is an Auckland-based leading e-learning training and support company. Its primary intent from the outset has been to efficiently deliver high quality, effective education and training to large numbers of people. To achieve its goals the company has developed technical, marketing and pedagogical skills enabling it to take any learning content, enrich and then deliver it. Intuto's customers include commercial and corporate entities who recognize the importance of lifelong learning in order to keep an increasingly mobile workforce motivated, current, up skilled and able to communicate effectively in the workplace.